This project was financially supported by the Global Young Faculty. The Global Young Faculty is an initiative of Stiftung Mercator in cooperation with the University Alliance Ruhr and is coordinated by the Mercator Research Center Ruhr in Essen. The program brings together outstanding and dedicated young researchers from universities and non-university research institutions based in the Ruhr area. It supports them in their efforts to forge new professional contacts and share ideas beyond institutional and disciplinary borders. In this fifth round, young researchers connect with young professionals from companies within the Ruhr area. This cooperation is additionally supported by the Initiativkreis Ruhr.

With this support the developing group was able to create gold standard data for validation purposes (assessing the quality of nutrition label outputs) as well as training and updating various new machine learning models. This support was given for 18 months.


The member of the The Global Young Faculty group (group name Fake or Fact):

Dr. Ahmet Aker (computer science), Dr. Anna Welpinghus (philosophy), Dr. Francesco Marchi (philosophy), Dr. Hauke Gravenkamp (engineering), Dr. Isabella Risini, LL.M. (law), Dr. Johannes Erdmann (physics), Dr. Julia Serong (communication science), Dr. Nils Kriege (computer science), Dr. Sabrina Mayer (political science)


Fake or Fact Group