To evaluate NewsScan in terms of wording, coloring and usability, we will conduct qualitative user studies. Participants will be interviewed and asked about their perception of the tool in general as well as concerning specific features. Since our aim is to not bias the user towards a consumption of one news article or another, we need to evaluate the plugin regarding that. Especially the wording of the features could affect the user in forming an opinion about an article. However, we want to help our users making an informed decision, so we need some kind of guiding, hence wording. To ensure that our tool only works as a guide and not a specific recommender, we do not interpret, for example, an easy-to-read article as being not worthwhile reading but just easy to understand. However, we believe some threshold label values about worthwhile and not worthwhile articles would indeed help readers in their decision making. In our evaluation we will aim to incorporate such information and draw conclusion between cases with threshold and without threshold values.